Monthly Archives: July 2015

WordPress on a new subdomain

Thanks to the nice people at Hostmonster tech support (Christopher), without moving any of my files, I now have a new web address for the WordPress install, that is

What gave me a little confusion, soon overcome, was that even though my registrar is now hover, hostmonster can still manage the domain, that is because hover points at the old nameservers, which are hostmonster’s. So, why the move? It’s about separating out different roles – not having everything in one spot. If I ever want to break links with hostmonster, I can do this entirely from within hover by resetting the domain nameserver.

Anyhow, to create I had to do was go to the subdomain management tools (which is on the top menu of hostmonster, not an icon on the main cpanel page) and make a subdomain which I directed to the directory containing WordPress.

As I type, this is also where is directed, I did it with an overlap so that mid-change I could still access the WordPress admin pages under one naming scheme or the other.

Creating the subdomain using the management tools also created the appropriate A name records too. I shouldn’t have needed tech support really in hindsight, but messing with domains is one of those things that you do very rarely, and so each time you do it, it is as new. If I had to do this task again tomorrow, no problem…. but in a year? I hope the above text will be enough!

I wanted to fix old links – and that was done with a WordPress plugin called ‘search regex’ – a quick search in post content for links to my old domain, and replacing with the new… job done. I also went into WordPress settings to change the URL there.

The next step is to cause to go to a different host – that is a job for another day – and it’s a slightly different task, so it’s back to square one.

If I was starting from scratch, would I do it this way? Hell no, I’d have the subdomains all with the registrar.

Tidying Domains

So, the plan is this:

  1. Move all my domains to a new registrar, get them all in one place. That place is hover.
  2. Create a new squarespace account.
  3. Point at squarespace, and point at WordPress. This will break some existing links, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.
  4. I don’t know whether to nuke the blog given that it’s rather neglected.

The first step of moving to hover is underway.

I first had to go to the existing registrar and ensure that the domain was unlocked and the admin email was set to something that I could access. I then entered the domain details into hover and then the process is underway. I also had to enter a code that I got from the admin pages from my existing registrar.

Hostmonster (one of my old registrars) sent me an email with a confirm or abort request. By confirming the change could happen straight away – so kudos to them. I was going to move the blog away from hostmonster, but I’m strongly considering leaving it there purely to that little bit of niceness. Without this there is a five day waiting period – I’m still waiting for this to elapse for the ‘Easily’ registrar (there may be a way to speed this up too, but it’s not obvious).