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Two Meets Twelve?

It has been announced that Reece Shearsmith is to appear in Doctor Who next season, alongside Peter Capaldi.

Given that he previously appeared in ‘An Adventure of Space and Time‘ as Patrick Troughton, and Mark Gatiss is writing the episode – someone who has seen Shearsmith as Troughton, it seems likely that Two will meet Twelve.

I am quite split about the concept of this, the Second Doctor was fantastic – but I am wary as in ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ I didn’t think that Shearsmith really captured the look of Troughton, especially in contrast to David Bradley who embodied William Hartnell.

It could be that I simply got used to David Bradley over the course of the drama, and came to accept him as Hartnell in a way that I didn’t accept Shearsmith. If we do get the Second Doctor on screen, I hope to all that is police-box shaped that I am not thrust back into reality with a jarring discrepancy between Shearsmith and Troughton.

If it goes well, then it could be wonderful.

Fingers crossed.