Monthly Archives: October 2015


So, we saw the new James Bond film today. Spectre.

There was plenty to enjoy, not least was the little nods to the past – the ‘Day of the Dead’ opening was great – and the camerawork on that opening shot was superb. Some of the action shots were disorienting, though – especially in the (first) helicopter sequence, too many cuts, but I get the sense that this was intentional due to the chaos going on.

The film itself had a lot to commend it, Christoph Waltz was great – but the ‘Bond out in the cold’ thing is getting a bit old. I thought they were done with that after Skyfall.

I found the ending rather flat – I had been expecting a ‘Blofeld and Bunt killing Diana Rigg’ moment, and Bond just leaving Blofeld be, to presumably allow him to escape and fight another day was an odd way to do it. Blofeld surviving despite the best efforts of Bond, but damaged and licking his wounds, okay. 

The whole ‘Bond is Blofeld’s adopted brother’ was far too much.

I liked that ‘M’, ‘Q’ and Moneypenny all got an outing, this made a pleasant change, although the reveal that ‘C’ was a villain was the most unsurprising thing since a ‘Q’ gadget was just the thing that Bond needed to save the day – after all, ‘C’ was Moriarty!

There was a missed opportunity, I thought that Monica Bellucci would be the ‘Bond girl’ – which would have been someone his own age – but no, she was abandoned for a younger model. A pity, and a wasted opportunity.

Overall, it was an average to good Bond film. Not as good as ‘Skyfall’, better than ‘Quantum of Solace’, much better than ‘Octopussy’.

I give it a rating of ‘Shaken but not Stirred’

Oh, and the Sam Smith track. Meh… but better with the visuals of the title sequence.