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This site is a collection of bits and bobs which interest me, helpfully sorted by categories with a search box attached. Some bits will be frivolous, some not. If at the time you arrive the site is leaning in the ‘wrong’ direction, do please browse to find something which engages you more!

There isn’t an overall theme, but if you’re only interested in a particular subject, click on the tags or categories which are on each post.

If you find a broken link, please inform me by commenting wherever you think appropriate with as much detail as you can. I’ll fix links that people tell me about as a priority.

6 thoughts on “This Site

  1. Hi there Murk, i am a 14 year old girl from South Australia.
    I have some science homework that needs urgent attendance, i was stumbling the internet just searching in google this problem : Magnesium (s) + Lead Oxide (s) = Lead (s) + Magnesium Oxide (s), What was the oxidizing agent and what was the reducing agent?
    As i was searching i noticed your website and i realized you conducted an experiment where you heated the two elements. I was wondering if you were not too busy or troubled if you could please give me a hand with this tricky question.

    1. Best advice? If you’re 14 and stuck, talk to your teacher – if you can show a good effort to try to solve it then there is no shame in doing that – any teacher worth their salt will try to help (they might not give giving you the answer – but may well guide you to the answer – much better)

      (note, if you didn’t try to get there yourself, then do so – that is part of learning)

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