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And now the sport…

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with sports reporting in the UK.

I woke this morning, and heard on the news ‘and now the sport’…

What followed was news about the football premiership, the scottish football, some football transfer speculation, something about arsenal, and then the weather.

Anyone would think that nothing else was played. What about the Rugby Union Guinness Premiership? What about the cricket?[*] In Rugby League, Leads have just been crowned world champions. What about the threat to the Tour de France this year? What about Williams and Rosberg?

Whilst football is a sport, sport is not synonymous with football. If you’re going to do football news, fine. But don’t prefix it with ‘and now the sport….’

[*] AKA: The slowest form of animal life. Except Golf.

On to Euro 2008

So, we’ve finished the World Cup, and on to Euro 2008, beginning with a friendly against Greece.

No David Beckham, which isn’t too much of a bad thing, he wasn’t one of the most inspiring players in the squad in the summer (though he did resign the captaincy with dignity).

John Terry acquited himself well in the summer, memorably clearing a goalbound ball inches from the line.

Greece won’t be easy opponents in this friendly, they’re the current European champions, a good opponent to start the Euro 2008 campaign, our first match in the qualifying round will be on the 2nd September, which coincidentally marks the start of the English Rugby Union Premiership.

I wonder why they’re playing in the reserve strip, when the Greek strip is blue, and wouldn’t have clashed with the regular England kit?

Update: John Terry scoring the first goal. What a good start for the new captain.

Update: Four – nil, with a second goal from Frank Lampard and two from Peter Crouch. Why didn’t they do this for the world cup?