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Latex for WordPress

I’ve just installed ‘Jetpack‘ which comes with \LaTeX. This post is to provide a quick reference. \LaTeX parses the text in the WordPress post, and lays out the display as a graphic for the viewer. Though someone reading this will see images, there are no images referred to in the edited post.

\LaTeX is a generalised document layout language, but as far as I am concerned, the main use of \LaTeX in WordPress is mathematical.

Note that as the images are generated on the fly, the page will be slower to load than if the page were pre-rendered. Therefore, I think it may still be best for the web to generate the image, save it and then display the result via an <img> tag (keeping the \LaTeX hidden in a comment so that the image can be regenerated if need be). As already mentioned, I have not pre-generated the images for this post, it is all done in code.

It’s a pity that MathML isn’t well supported at the moment.
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