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Pic a Day – March Summary

April is upon us and the clocks have gone forward. It feels like spring – although it has struggled a little at times not to slip back to winter.

I’ve kept up with my task of taking a picture every day. As with February, not every picture has been uploaded on the right day in February, but they’ve all been taken on the right day (and then the date of the post adjusted).

This is my summary of March, 2009 – and I’ve now done a quarter of this daft project.

March 2009

You can browse the individual pictures starting on the 1st Mar or the 31st Mar.

Now for April…

Pic A Day – March 31st 2009

Augmented Reality - Solar Power This was an online application which ‘augments’ reality, which I heard about from this tweet.

Essentially, you print out a black and white graphic which the computer can recognise, this is used to project a 3d image image.

In this case the image was of a solar panel array. This is my picture of the day for the 31st March, 2009.

You can see the whole of march in this summary collage, or go straight to April.

Pic A Day – March 28th 2009


Today I did some motorbike training. Very difficult – I’ve got the roadsense, but the mechanics of controlling a bike is tricky – and I had to use a lot of thought to do some of the basic tasks which I just do when in a car or on a bicycle.

Each limb has its own job (gears-left foot, clutch-left hand, back brake-right foot, throttle and front brake-right hand). All four limbs need coordination. I found my bicycle knowledge got in the way, especially when it came to the clutch as I’d want to use it as the rear brake!

I came home very tired indeed – it was a long day of concentration!

This is a shot of my footwear for the day, and my picture of the day for the 28th March, 2009.